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Westmoor Technology Park Photosimulations

Westfield Development, Westminster, Colorado

Aviation technology companies were beginning locate their offices around the Jefferson County Regional Airport northwest of Denver Colorado. Westfield Development had plans to create Westmoor technology park on open land adjacent to the airport and similar coorporate offices such as Ball Aerospace. The park would feature several office plazas and its own golf coarse.

An aerial visual simulation was needed to quickly convey the office park and golf coarse concept to non-technical county administrators and to potential coorporate residents. POITRA Visual was selected to provide design visualization for these efforts.

Project logos

POITRA re-created project and client logos at the high resolution needed to print large displays.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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The Developer provided an oblique aerial base photograph that included the property with the airport and neighboring offices in the same view.

POITRA transferred roadway, parking and building footprint information from CAD plans to the perspective of the photograph. A major challenge was laying in the paths, greens, fairways, and sand traps of the proposed golf coarse. To complicate the matter the site terrain was rolling with numerous medium sized drainage channels. POITRA artists accomplished this work using traditional digital painting methods.

Once the roadways and parking areas were generally established POITRA created the proposed buildings based upon preliminary architectural plans. Parking areas were landscaped and filled with parked cars.

The final simulation was revised many times as building details and roadway alignments changed. Ultimately POITRA revised the simulation to add an additional set of office buildings

Graphic artists at POITRA designed a display board to be used as promotional materials. In the display everything outside the subject property was screened to make the project area stand out. Project and client logos were re-created at high resolution in order to allow printing at the large sizes required on the full size displays. The display was revised along with the progressive versions of the technology park. article end

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