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Washington Street Design Proposal Photosimulations

City of Denver, Globeville, Colorado

The Washington Street Corridor is a Denver urban industrial corridor, through the Globeville neighborhood, being studied for upgrade to a community main street function. Several approaches to the transformation were under consideration. The key issue was to determine whether to widen the corridor using additional right-of-way or confine improvements to the existing right-of-way.

POITRA was asked to complete a sample visual simulation based upon the existing right-of-way option. A challenging location was chosen on the more industrial north end of the project that included structures at the extreme edges of the right-of-way.

Take a closer look! This Simulation was created using POITRA's custom and stock 3D Models. (click to magnify)

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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POITRA made a site visit to collect the base photograph for this view of the Washington Street Corridor after all of the existing photographs proved to dark.

left quotation markAwesome Work! They are being pulled into the document right now, so perfect timing. Thank you!”

P.P. RLA, Atkins Global
Consultant Senior Project Manager

This allowed POITRA photographers to determine and capture the scene at the optimal sun angle for the simulation and to wait for a wonderfully clear Colorado day.

We also took care to capture automobiles in the right locations to help the viewer understand the scale of the design within the narrow right-of-way without hiding streetscape amenities.

POITRA modelers created a 3D site model that included POITRA stock bus shelters and curbs, tree grates and plantings. The model was matched to the base photograph, lighted and rendered and then composited to create the image. Traditional digital painting techniques were then used to finalize the simulation.

Small details were used to personalize the concept for local stakeholders. Notice the Globeville Street Fair poster in the advertising panels on one of the bus shelters.

POITRA street design experience made plan reading trouble free and helped to imagine in the minor details typically undetermined during the concept development phase. This is extremely important in creating an accurate and therefore believable simulation.

The finished visual simulation was used in the proposal documents. end of article


Mind the details! The highly developed skills of the Artists at POITRA Visual make your concept a reality. (click to magnify).