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SR60 and Archibald Avenue Photosimulations

City of Ontario, Ontario, California

POITRA Visual provided a photographic visual simulation for a proposal to the City of Ontario, California and the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) to add turn lanes on Archibald Avenue directly under the SR60 Overpass. The existing roadway consisted of a single turn lane and three through lanes in each direction. The project needed to accommodate two additional left turn lanes with wider shoulders and walks. This would be accomplished by replacing the existing retaining walls and further truncating the overpass fill slopes.

POITRA Visual also provided graphic cross-sections to further describe the modifications.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulations.

Photo-simulation was the medium chosen as the best way to illustrate changes required by the proposed design re-configuration. The image was created using an Engineer provided background photograph of the existing conditions.

POITRA modelers created a partial 3D model and view matched it to the photograph to accurately locate the new walls and laneage. Traditional digital painting techniques were then used to finish the simulations.

The background was carefully modified to reflect the transition to the new lane configuration under the bridge. New walks, median and barrier were added. Special care was need in removing the affected palm trees and relocating the existing signage. The previous bridge and roadway design experience of the POITRA Visual principals made the process quick and smooth.

Graphic cross-sections were produced to accompany the visual simulations to help dimension the new lane arrangement.

The final existing and proposed photosimulation images were used as proposal materials for the City of Ontario. article end

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