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SH35 at Bridge Street Photosimulations

MDT, Bigfork, Montana

The Montana Department of Transportation conducted an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a segment of State Highway 35 through Bigfork Montana. The highway is one of the well traveled scenic corridors serving tourist destinations around Montana's Flathead Lake area and Glacier National Park. The EA would address future capacity and safety concerns as well as specific congestion issues.

Several visual simulations were required to illustrate potential project impacts and provide an easy to understand method of conveying the design to the non-technical public. POITRA Visual was selected to provide design visualization in support of the EA process.

As part of the EA simulations of Swan Bridge over the Swan River were also produced by POITRA Visual.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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At Bridge Street a proposed four lane segment of SH35 transitioned down to a two lane segment. Here the study proposed a pedestrian path with one alternate continuing the raised median for a parkway appearence. Two alternates were designed that fullfilled the purpose and goals of the EA.

Photo-simulation was the medium chosen as the best way to communicate design concepts to the public and the Planner conducted a photo survey to collect base photographs. The two alternates were illustrated using the same view.

POITRA used traditional digital painting techniques to illustrate the proposed installation of a pedestrian path, medians and shfting signage. Removing trees in the path of the widening was the only digital painting challenge. The previous bridge and roadway design experience of the POITRA Visual principals helped to accurately fill in the details not present in the Planner's concepts.

The final photosimulation images were used to present the design to the public and in the EA document. article end


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