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Port of Memphis Joint Intermodal Facility Photosimulations

Union Pacific Railroad, Memphis, Tennessee

The Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) participated in organizing and building a jointly operated intermodal port with Memphis and Shelby Counties in Tennessee. The new site would consolidate rail traffic from at least three class 1 railroads at a single railport near the city of Memphis.

The Port of Memphis site would serve the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific customers shipping to destinations in the southeastern United States with access to eastern partner railroads. The site also served the now defunct Southern Pacific Railroad which mergered with the Union Pacific.

POITRA was selected to provide design visualization support for the project public relations which included agency and public outreach.

POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment

Take a closer look! POITRA uses a large library of it's own stock 3D Model railroad equipment for use in detailing photosimulations.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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The Engineer provided an aerial photo survey of the proposed site from which the simulation base photograph was selected.

POITRA perspective matched CADD site plans for the proposed facility to the base aerial photograph. POITRA artists then painted the different areas of layout using it's experience visiting similar existing facilities. Truck runways and container storage areas were rendered as concrete and auto parking in asphalt using digital painting methods. All rail, roadway and parking striping were added in the same manner. The layout was populated with railroad equipment, trucks, containers and automobiles. Proposed new and improved roadway infrastucture, including proposed bridges, was also laid in and rendered. The biggest challenge in this simulation was the large scale of the proposed facility.

POITRA Visual has had plenty of experience working with rail intermodal facilities and it's principals have actual railroad bridge design experience. The simulation process is always much more efficient when the artists are familiar with the industry and can add the detail that makes the simulation more believable. This detail is often far beyond the information that the client can provide at the conceptual stage of development.

Finished display boards designed by POITRA illustrating before and after views were delivered as a printed mounted panel to the Engineerfor their use in meetings with area residents, the press and local goverment authorities. end of article

Take a closer look! POITRA created a displays suitable for printing at poster and handout sizes (click to magnify).

POITRA professional graphic artists can help any project by creating stunning settings for any of your project information. Presentation can be a big part the approval effort and it helps to have artists who understand your process!

POITRA offers graphic design for display boards, handouts, newsletters, digital presentations, interactive media and even has an extremely accomplished web design team.

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