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Pecos Transmodal Frac Sand Facility 3D Simulations

Texsand Distributers, Pecos, Texas

Expanding oil fracking operations in the southwest created a demand for new nearby support facilities. The developer envisioned a transload site where customers could obtain high quality frac sand on demand delivered by rail from the premium sand mining areas of the country. The facility is located on a mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad.

The facility would have its own sand storage and distribution center, drilling operations equipment staging yards for up to fifteen customers, a community transload yard, water treatment plant and non-railserved warehouses as sub-facilities.

Several views of the facility were needed to illustrate these very different sub-facilities and functions for approval and sales purposes. POITRA Visual was asked to provide design visualization services.

POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment

Take a closer look! POITRA uses a large library of it's own stock 3D Model railroad equipment for use on proposed transportation projects.

POITRA often creates custom transportation models at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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POITRA recommended a complete 3D model of the facility from which any number of views could be selected and rendered. The Developer provided an aerial map of the site to be used as the gound base of the model.

POITRA modelers laid out the project track plan, roadways, trans-load and building pads and sand distribution center from preliminary CADD plans. No plans existed for the varrious sub-facilities. The actual structures including the sand silos, Water treatment building, tanks, weigh station, fueling station and warehouse had to be created as custom models based upon similar structures on other sites and past experience.

left quotation markThese look just wonderful. I'm absolutely sure our clients will be impressed by your quality of work.”

B.G., Via Rail
Pecos Transmodal Consultant Manager

POITRA Visual has had plenty of experience working with rail intermodal facilities and it's principals have actual railroad bridge design experience. The simulation process is always much more efficient when the artists are familiar with the industry.

POITRA's extensive collection of stock 3D transportation models, such as Union Pacific locomotives and rolling stock, containers, trucks and automobles were used to populate the site. Items specific to the staging areas were custom modeled at no cost to the client. These included site office trailers, hoppers, pump trucks, drill trucks, tanks and even portable toilets.

Once the model was completed POITRA modelers rendered views of the entire facility and views of the individual sub-facilities as directed by the Developer. The advantage of a 3D model is that as many views as are needed can be created with reletive ease. Two aerial overviews were selected along with six close-in views describing the important sub-facilities.

Two display boards were designed by POITRA graphic artists to hold the view. One overview and sub-facilty views each. The developer logos and titling were added.

The finished display board was delivered as a printed mounted panel for their presentation during the facility approval process and then as sales tools. The developer requested reworked display boards when time came for construction. The revised displays were printed very large and mounted as construction site signs at the entrances to the facility. end of article

Take a Closer Look! POITRA graphic artists can help any project by creating stunning professional settings for your project information. (click to magnify)

Take a closer look! The highly developed skills of the Artists at POITRA Visual make your concept real. (click to magnify)

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