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Peakview Office Park Photosimulations

Trammell Crow, Arapahoe County, Colorado

New office space was needed in the Denver market. Trammell Crow had plans to create Peakview Office Park on open land with near access to I-25 and Park Meadows Mall. The office park would feature two office buildings and a future parking garage on the back of the lot.

Visual simulations were needed to show the architectural concepts for the buildings to county zoning administrators and for use as a sales tool with potential coorporate residents. POITRA Visual was selected to provide photosimulations for these efforts.

Ground View Photosimulations of the proposed I-25 Broadway access ramps
Ground View Photosimulations of the proposed I-25 Broadway access ramps
Ground view Photosimulations of the proposed I-25 Broadway access ramps

POITRA created 3D models of the buildings and the site.

Photo-realistic photo simulation, architectural rendering and design visualization services by POITRA Visual
Photosimulation of Proposed Office Park: Two office park buildings shown from the street featuring parking and proposed landscaping in the foreground.

The base photograph was taken so as to include both office park buildings. The photo was provided by the developer.

POITRA modelers constructed the office buildings from architectural plans. Materials such as wall surfaces and window colors were fine tuned as the modeling process progressed. The onsite parking, medians, islands and adjacent streets were also modeled. The model was view matched to the photograph, lighted and rendered. The rendered buildings were composited with the base photograph to complete the basic simulation.

Traditional digital painting techniques were used to finish the simulation. New walks, medians, site landscaping and automobiles were added at this time.

The final photosimulation images were used in promotional materials. article end

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