* For example, POITRA created and maintained the public information websites for the Southeast Corridor MIS (TREX), the North Metro Major Investment Study (MIS) and the US36 Corridor MIS beginning in 1998. The North Metro Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is part of the Regional Transportation District's (RTD) new FasTracks Project, which is advancing several corridors to the design phase.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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North Metro Corridor at Eastlake Granary Photosimulations

RTD FasTracks, Thornton, Colorado

The North Metro Corridor is one of several proposed transit corridors in the Denver Regional Transportation District's (RTD) FasTracks program that have been evaluated throughout the Metro area as Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). Most of the corridors originate in downtown Denver's Union Terminal (DUT) and radiate out to the suburbs. POITRA has provided several types of services on nearly all of these corridors at some point in their long histories.*

The North Metro Corridor takes advantage of abandoned or little used frieght rail corridors that served Denver's northern suburbs. Because of the length of the line and possible interaction with commercial freight rail a heavy commuter rail concept was proposed. At this stage of the project only Electric Multiple Units (EMU) were being evaluated.

The EIS called for a large commuter station and park-n-ride at 124th Avenue in Thornton. The station would occupy an open area surrounded by 4f neighborhoods and the historical Eastlake Granary located just to the north.

POITRA Visual custom 3D Model EMU commuter vehicle in wire frame.
POITRA Visual custom 3D Model EMU commuter vehicle.
POITRA Visual custom 3D Model EMU commuter vehicle with potential RTD colors and marking combinations.
POITRA Visual custom 3D Model DMU commuter vehicle with potential RTD colors and marking combinations.

POITRA artists created custom 3D models of the EMU commuter vehicle with RTD marking combinations.

POITRA often creates custom transit vehicles at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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A design visualization was needed to address all these issues. It was preferred to include them together in a single overall panoramic photosimulation for public meetings and break out the individual elements as needed.

POITRA photographers selected a vantage point that made all the elements visible and at a great enough distance to eliminate lens warp.

left quotation markPoitra provided expertly-done photo simulations, and sometimes under tight time constraints, which were instrumental in conveying project concepts to our audiences. ”

East Corridor Planning Project Manager

POITRA artists prepared the base photograph to recieve the elements of the proposed corridor using traditional digital painting techniques. This included separating and removing foreground trees within the station footprint from background trees and buildings.

POITRA created a 3D model that included the new gravel roadbed, ties, rails and the EMU catenary system. The entire proposed station, park-n-ride and a future garage were modeled for the overall simulation.

The granary portion of the simulation was broken out and used to address the 4f section of the EIS dealing with historical properties but it could be regrouped with other portions of the overall simulation to address other issues as well.

The finished simulations were used in meetings with Fastracks public stakeholders, on the project website, in newsletters and in the EIS document.end of article


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