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Navy Drive over San Joaquin River Photosimulation (Aerial)

Port of Stockton, Stockton, California

The Navy Drive over San Joaquin River Bridge Replacement for the Port of Stockton included replacing an aging steel swing bridge truss to better accommodate increasing large truck traffic. The new concrete bridge also preserved river access for large load water traffic by utilizing a removable lightweight steel center span.

The new bridge was not located on the original alignment to allow construction of the new structure while the existing bridge still carried the traffic. The new location made it necessary to modify the alignment of Navy Drive. A photosimulation was used to illustrate this new connector road in context with the existing built features of the area and comparable to the existing alignment.

Ground View Photograph of the Navy Drive Bridge over San Joaquin River
Ground View Photosimulation of the proposed Navy Drive Bridge over San Joaquin River

POITRA Visual also produced a ground view photosimulation illustrating the new bridge structure and the removal of the old bridge structure.

Photo-realistic visual simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulations.

The Engineer provided an aerial plan photograph of the existing conditions. POITRA artists plotted the new Navy Drive alignment from concept plans. Using traditional digital painting techniques POITRA added the proposed bridge, road surface, lane markings, and fill slopes. The existing road and bridge were removed.

A ground view simulation was created to accompany the plan view both to illustrate the new bridge type and the relationship between existing and proposed.

POITRA called upon the past bridge and highway design experience of its principals to help interpret and flesh out the Engineer's concept plan ensuring the realism and accuracy of the finished simulation.

The final photosimulation images were used to present the design proposal to the Port of Stockton port authority.end of article


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