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Marne Auto Distribution Center Photosimulations

Union Pacific Railroad, Marne, California

The Department of Industrial Development for the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) was expanding the railroad's capacity to deliver new automobles to primary market hubs. The effort included new auto changer facilities, or intermoadal automoblile distribution centers, where new vehicles would be transfered from long-haul railroad to short-haul auto-carrying trucks near final retail outlets.

The Marne Facility in Southern California would serve General Motors (GM) outlets in the area surounding Los Angles. A display was needed to quickly convey the site layout and show it in context within the proposed industrial areas to non-technical top GM executives.

Take a closer look! The different functions within the facility were brought to life in detail by POITRA (click to magnify).

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photo-realistic visualization artwork.

The Railroad provided a satelite aerial photograph of the site to be used as the simulation base photograph. POITRA used a desaturated, black and white, version of the photograph in order to make the new facility stand out in full color.

UPRR provided preliminary layout plans for the facility which were transfered to the aerial base photograph. POITRA then colored the layout using it's experience visiting similar existing facilities. Truck runways were rendered in concrete and auto parking in asphalt using digital painting methods. All rail, roadway and parking striping were added in the same manner.

POITRA Visual has had plenty of experience working with rail intermodal facilities and it's principals have actual railroad bridge design experience. The simulation process is always much more efficient when the artists are familiar with the industry.

A display board was designed by POITRA graphic artists to hold the completed simulation. GM was able to provide marketing photographs of the latest GM automobiles for POITRA to incorporate into the board design.

The finished display board was delivered as a printed mounted panel to UPRR staff members for their presentation to General Motors executives. end of article

Take a closer look! POITRA created a displays suitable for printing at poster and handout sizes (click to magnify).

POITRA professional graphic artists can help any project by creating stunning settings for any of your project information. Presentation can be a big part the approval effort and it helps to have artists who understand your process!

POITRA offers graphic design for display boards, handouts, newsletters, digital presentations, interactive media and even has an extremely accomplished web design team.

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