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Jackson Bridge Pedestrian Walkway Retrofit Photosimulations

MoDOT, Jefferson City, Missouri

The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission at the Missouri Department of Transportation initiated a project to retrofit a five foot sidewalk to the existing L-550 bridge over the Missouri River located in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Bridge has an arched steel truss girder supporting the 3 main spans and steel I-girder approach spans. The new concrete walk would be supported by rolled steel brackets on the truss section and welded steel brackets on the I-girder sections.

POITRA was tasked to provide design visualization of the proposed retrofit for stakeholder evaluation. It was decided that photo-simulation methods would provide the most realistic visualizations of the project in the context of the existing bridge. POITRA created each of the three photo-simulations using combined 3D rendering and traditional digital painting techniques based upon Engineer supplied base photographs.

Take a closer look! The pedestrian walkway with all its safety fencing was created in 3D by POITRA modelers. (click to magnify).

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulation.

This overview pictured the bridge from the west bank of the Missouri River showing the proposed walk across multiple spans. The base photograph required only minimal modification and this was performed using traditional digital painting techniques.

POITRA modelers then built an accurate detailed 3D computer model of the proposed steel support structures, concrete walk and fence cage that matched the existing deck profile for the entire length of the bridge.

left quotation markI actually enjoy interpreting design plans, especially on complex detailed structures like the Jackson bridge. It brings back memories of bridge design work in my past.”

M.P., POITRA Visual
Visual Simulations Project Manager

The model was camera matched to the existing photograph taking care to properly align the walkway supports with the proper stiffeners and diaphragms on the bridge. The muted winter lighting of the base photograph had to be duplicated with model lighting. The model was then rendered and composited with the photograph to create a photo-realistic simulation.

Design information included complete construction documents and a full set of the complex existing bridge plans. The past bridge design experience of POITRA principals was well used in reading and understanding the plans.

Graphic artists at POITRA designed poster sized displays to be printed and used at open-house style public meetings between MoDOT and public stakeholders. end of article

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Take a closer look! The highly developed skills of the Artists at POITRA Visual make your concept a reality. (click to magnify)

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