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I-25 at South Broadway Photosimulations

CDOT, Denver, Colorado

A large viaduct carried I-25 over South Broadway, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) mainline and even a soon to be constructed Regional Transportation District (RTD) Southeast Corridor Light Rail Line in Denver Colorado. The viaduct was part of the aging early interstate infrastructure that was badly in need of safety and capacity improvements.

The replacement viaduct was part of the Valley Highway Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that looked at upgrading I-25 from Broadway, north to Alameda Avenue. POITRA was selected to provide public process support which included visual simulations, graphics and a comprehensive public information website.

Ground View Photosimulations of the proposed I-25 Broadway access ramps
Ground View Photosimulations of the proposed I-25 Broadway access ramps
Ground view Photosimulations of the proposed I-25 Broadway access ramps

POITRA also provided ground view photosimulations to help in the evaluations of aesthetic treatments.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulations.

CDOT needed a quick and easily understood method to convey the proposed viaduct design to the non-technical public and agency stakeholders. An aerial photo-simulation was determined to be the most appropriate solution. The background photograph was acquired through a stock aerial photograph supplier.

The Engineer provided a surface model of I-25 as the basis for POITRA modelers to create viaduct superstructure and substructure in 3D. The model was view matched it to the photograph in order to accurately locate the alignment with new piers, walls, barriers and even laneage. The previous bridge and roadway design experience of the POITRA Visual principals made the process quick and accurate.

Traditional digital painting techniques were used to finish the simulation.The off system streets were carefully modified to reflect the new lane configuration below and leading up to the new viaduct. New walks, medians, landscaping and expanded parking areas were added.

The RTD light rail viaduct running south along I-25 was added in a very conceptual stage. The transit station at Broadway would serve as the northern terminous for another POITRA project, the Southeast Corridor light rail line, also known as TREX.

The final existing and proposed photosimulation images were used in CDOT's public process. article end

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