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Highlands Ranch Water Storage Tank 3D Simulations

Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District, Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

A new 4 million gallon (4MG) water storage facility was under design for the Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District in Colorado. The new facility called for a large buried concrete reservoir to service planned residential development. Visual impact from the project was a concern.

POITRA was contracted to make illustrations of the options for the proposed round tank design. The illustrations would be used by the project team to explain and compare the options for tank location and visual mitigation.

The Engineer decided that 3D models would offer the best method for comparison especially for the new grading.

Graphic artists at POITRA Visual created project maps that identified the views for each alternative. (click to magnify)

Photo Simulations of Proposed


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Mouse-over the thumbnails above to toggle between the photosimulations.

POITRA modelers created a ground model for both tank locations using existing and proposed contours from the Engineer's grading plans. The tank and all its visible components were modeled and placed in the terrain. The terrain was planted using a terrain modeling program which grows a mixture of native plants according to user deffined perameters. These were set to replicate the Colorado plains environment that exists in Highlands Ranch and that would remain after the tank was placed and the residences constructed.

The 3D model tanks were rendered and composited with the environmental renders from the terrain modeling program. There were eight options to be completed.

POITRA graphic artists designed display board graphics for all of the images dipicting two vews of each of the two optional tank locations each shown with exposed tops and optional earth covered tops. Titles and maps to show the tank location options and the view locations were added.

The display graphics were printed and mounted for use in presentation meetings with Highlands Ranch stakeholders. end of article

Take a Closer Look! POITRA graphic artists can help any project by creating stunning professional settings for your project information. (click to magnify)

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