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Hays Wind Farm from I-70 and Yocemento Photosimulations

Hays Wind Farm, Hays, Kansas

Alternative Energy Developers proposed a 125 turbine wind farm near the city of Hays in Kansas.

The Engineer conducted a Wind Resourse Study, Transmission Capability Study and an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project site.

POITRA Visual was contracted to illustrate the visual impact of the wind farm design, help demonstrate the accuracy of the visualizations and explain the net visibility for each view to stakeholders that included the local government and area residents as part of the EA.

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Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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The Engineer required a view from one mile north of Saint Francis on BIA Highway 1. The wind farm lies just southeast of Saint Francis. Little modification was necessary on the Engineer provided base photograph.

A 3d model of the terrain and the wind turbine farm was used in the development of the photosimulation. The 3d model allowed the height and size of the turbines and the wind farm to be visually presented for analysis. First, the terrain was created from USGS topographical data. Then, known structures or landmarks, such as communication towers and grain elevators, were modeled and placed within the model at their correct elevation and location. Finally, the turbine was modeled. The wind farm map and elevation data was used to place the turbines. 3D Simulation and PhotoSimulation Services for the Hays, Kansas Wind Turbine Farm Virtual cameras were used to define and render view-sheds. The 3d model camera approximates the lens and view of the real-world camera.

POITRA modelers created a turbine model that matched the tower and rotor specifications of those selected for the proposed site. Turbine models were placed at each of the coordinates called for in the wind field design and they were placed at the assumed base elevations. The site model was camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the base photograph to complete an accurate photo-realistic simulation.

The finished simulation displays were printed and mounted for use in the public meetings held to answer questions by local residents.end of article

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