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East Corridor at Park Hill Golf Course Photosimulations

RTD FasTracks, Denver, Colorado

The RTD East Corridor FasTracks Environmental Impact Statement placed the commuter rail corridor along Smith Road. As a result a segment of Smith Road required rerouting along a new connection to 40th Avenue that would encroach on the Park Hill Municiple Golf Course.

POITRA was asked to provide a photosimulation that illustrated the proposed 40th Avenue connection in context with the existing golf facility. The simulation was need to help communicate the visual and physical impacts to the Park Hill administrators and the City and County of Denver (CCD).

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POITRA photographers collected views that paralleled the 40th Avenue connector from within the facility. Little work was required in terms of preparing the base photograph.

The connector ran between the existing retaining wall of a nearby Multi-unit residential development and the golf course's western perimeter. because of the uneven terrain of the fairway not much of the actual roadway was visible.

POITRA artists carefully separated existing trees, golfers and golf carts from the background and placed the connector road. Automobiles were added to provide scale and help indicate distance. This work was completed using traditional digital painting techniques.

A 3D model was created to place the chainlink perimeter fence. It was rendered and composited with the base photograph to complete the simulation.

The final existing and proposed photosimulation images were used in the public outreach process conducted by the RTD and in meetings with Park Hill administrators. It was also used in the EA Document. article end

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