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East Corridor at Dalia Street Photosimulations

RTD FasTracks, Denver, Colorado

The East Corridor is one of several proposed transit corridors in the Denver Regional Transportation District's (RTD) FasTracks program that have been evaluated throughout the Metro area as Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). Most of the corridors originate in downtown Denver's Union Terminal (DUT) and radiate out to the suburbs. POITRA Visual has provided several types of services on nearly all of these corridors at some point in their long histories. POITRA created and managed the East Corridor EIS public website.*

The East Corridor takes advantage of abandoned or little used freight rail corridors that served Denver's northern suburbs and then turns east to the Denver International Airport (DIA). Because of the length of the line and possible interaction with commercial freight rail, a heavy commuter rail concept was proposed. Electric Multiple Units (EMU) were chosen as the most appropriate vehicle.

The mainline runs parallel to Smith Road as it heads east towards DIA. Just before crossing Dahlia Street it skirts the edge of the Park Hill Municipal Golf Course in Denver.

POITRA Visual custom 3D Model EMU commuter vehicle in wire frame.
POITRA Visual custom 3D Model EMU commuter vehicle.
POITRA Visual custom 3D Model EMU commuter vehicle with potential RTD colors and marking combinations.
POITRA Visual custom 3D Model DMU commuter vehicle with potential RTD colors and marking combinations.

POITRA artists created custom 3D models of the EMU commuter vehicle with RTD marking combinations.

POITRA often creates custom transit vehicles at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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Since the new corridor nudged Smith Road into the northern perimiter of the golf coarse, photo-simulations were needed illustrate the shift. POITRA photograpers shot a variety of views and the Engineer selected the base photograph.

left quotation markPoitra provided expertly-done photo simulations, and sometimes under tight time constraints, which were instrumental in conveying project concepts to our audiences. ”

East Corridor Planning Project Manager

POITRA prepared the original photograph by relocating and widening Smith Road, removing old power poles and making sidewalk improvements. Dahlia Street crosses the corridor so special attention was given to the lighting and crossing gates. Removing some of the trees condemned by the roadway shift while preserving other trees on the golf park was the big artistic challange. These tasks were completed using traditional digital painting techniques.

POITRA modelers then created a 3D site model that included the EMU catenary system, a double mainline track and roadbed, right-of-way fencing, signage and the EMU vehicles. The proposed vehicle had not yet been manufactured and existed only as a POITRA custom 3D model. The site model was camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the photograph to create final photo-simulation.

POITRA also illustrated the effect of a roadway widening on the western edge of the Park Hill Municipal Golf Course in another East Corridor Project Photosimulation.

The finished simulations were used in meetings with the Denver Parks and Recreation Department, the City and County of Denver, Fastracks public stakeholders and also in the EIS document.end of article


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