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Cedar Bayou Support Yard Photosimulations

Union Pacific Railroad, Cedar Bayou, Louisiana

The Department of Industrial Development for the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) was expanding the railroad's ability to support the petrolleum industry in the south. The effort included an additional nearby support yard for the Chevron plant at Cedar Bayou, Louisiana.

The Cedar Bayou Support Yard would require new connecting track, the support yard and the replacement of an ageing timber overcrossing at Cedar Bayou. A display was needed to quickly convey the proposed site layout and plant interface to non-technical Chevron plant managers and company executives.

The Railroad could not provided an aerial photograph of the site to be used as the simulation base photograph. Time did not permit a special flyover. POITRA used six separate snapshots from a series of older photographs taken by Chevron.

POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment">
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment
POITRA 3D Model railroad equipment

Take a closer look! POITRA uses a large library of it's own stock 3D Model railroad equipment for use in detailing photosimulations.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulations.

The snapshots each covered only a small portion of the project. POITRA assembled these images to cover the project area. Since photography beyond the limits of the project did not exist POITRA Artist clipped the assembled snapshots to islolate the imprtant project components in an ordered fashion. This eliminated the jumbled appearence of the multple snapshots and gave the simulation base the look of a project focused model.

UPRR provided preliminary layout plans for the facility which were transfered to the aerial base photograph. POITRA then colored the new track, bridge replacement and support yard drawing upon it's previous railroad experience.

What rail cars that existed in the original snapshots were missing intermitently due to the snapshots being taken at differant times. To illustrate storage of railcars in the support yard and to call attention to the UPRR mainline in the foreground POITRA used it's 3D stock model railroad equipment rendered and matched to the base photograph.

A display board was designed by POITRA graphic artists to hold the completed simulation. The detached model like simulation made labeling the features of the project convenient and clearly focused attention on the important project elements.

POITRA completed a second simulation that illustrated the replacement overcrossing structure at Cedar Bayou. The overcrossing simulation was also placed in a display board layout.

The finished display boards were delivered as a printed mounted panels to UPRR staff members for their presentation to Chevron executives. end of article

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