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Capitol Expressway BRT Occala Avenue Photosimulations

VTA, San Jose, California

The Capitol Expressway Light Rail Transit (LRT) line is an extension of the Santa Clara County Valley Transit Authority (VTA) rail transit network. The design called for a median running double tracked mainline that included two long viaducts, an elevated station, several grade level stations, a bus transfer station and a redesigned major arterial.

POITRA was asked to prepare a series of visual simulations of the proposed LRT system for the public process. Photo-simulation was the obvious medium for accurate and convincing presentations.

Following the completion of LRT system simulations POITRA was aked to revise some of the images to portray a proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that would constitute the first phase in the Capitol Expressway improvements. The BRT system would continue to operate after the LRT system was in place.

POITRA used its custom Kinkisharyo LRT model vehicle and created a new custom model of a Bus Rapid Transit vehicle. VTA color and marking schemes were applied to both.

POITRA often creates custom transit vehicles at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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An earlier roadway level LRT simulation at Story Road was revisited to present the interim BRT design and show the BRT system after the final build of the Story Road LRT Station Viaduct.

left quotation markIt was exciting to be able to use all the elements of such a great earlier project to create new illustrations.”

M.P., POITRA Visual
Visual Simulations Project Manager

POITRA modelers then used the accurate 3D site model constructed for the earlier simulation which already included the final LRT system elements. The BRT roadway configuration and POITRA BRT vehicle was added.

The site model was then rendered and composited with the original base photograph to finish the BRT visual simulations.

The interim design was simulated first and then a second version of the BRT simulation was created to illustrate the final configuration after the constuction of the LRT system. Additional images showed the BRT corridor without BRT vehicles.

The finished simulations were used in meetings with VTA Capitol Expressway BRT Project stakeholders.end of article


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