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C470 Trail and Overpass at US285 Photosimulations

CDOT, Jefferson County, Colorado

A multi-use trail was designed to parallel the C-470 Beltway when it was originally planned. Limited funding however truncated the trail just short of US-285. After the completion of the highway portion C-470 attention turned again towards extending the trail. An overpass was needed to cross US-285 allowing the trail to connect to the Bear Creek Park Trail system and from there, other major bike and pedestrian systems.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) contracted POITRA to provide design visualizations for its public outreach program for the project. Photo-simulation was determined to be the best method of presentation to public and local governmental stakeholders as well as method that would build the most public confidence.

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Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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A special flight was commissioned by CDOT to obtain the aerial photographs that were used as the basis for the design visualization effort. Three views were selected. One view captured the entire project including both connections. The two other views provided the project context, locating the project in relation to easily recognized landmarks.

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L.P., Muller Engineering
Project Engineer

POITRA plotted the trail from the Engineer's design plans carefully accounting for cut and fill slopes in the earthwork drawings. The low angle of the winter lighting in the base photographs was excellent for emphasizing the new grading. The overpass structure was completed using 30% structural drawings. All the work was accomplished using traditional digital painting techniques. This procedure was repeated for all three photosimulation views.

The entire project was completed under difficult time constraints in order to meet scheduled meetings with project stakeholders.

Graphic artists at POITRA then designed poster sized displays for printing as information panels. The finished display panels were used in meetings with Jefferson County, trail enthusiasts, nearby residents and other public stakeholders.end of article

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