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Belleview Electrical Substation Photosimulations

Public Service Company, Denver, Colorado.

An expanding office market demanded an expanding electrical grid in southeast Denver. The Public Service Company of Colorado required a new electrical substation to service the area. The public reaction to the project was an important factor in the approval process.

POITRA was contracted to make a series of illustrations and interactive presentations depicting the proposed design. The project team would use these materials to prompt comments from nearby stakeholders and make any appropriate design adjustments.

The new substation was was designed to minimize the visual impact. The Engineer used terrace walls liberally and site was heavily sprinkled with trees. The perimeter fence was designed as stuccoed walls similar to many of the surrounding office parks.

A simplified 3D model of the substation including the mitigation walls and trees were used to place the elements in the correct relationship to the photosimulation.

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The primary simulation looked at the proposed facility from the main street Belleview Avenue in an Engineer provided photograph.

POITRA modelers created a 3D site model from the Engineer's plans that included the electrical towers and interior components, perimeter walls, terrace walls, the existing and proposed grading around the site, access road and even place holders for the proposed trees. The site model was view matched to the base photograph.

The model was then appropriately lighted, rendered and composited with the photograph to create the final simulations of the proposed facility. The model trees were replaced in the simulation by high quality tree images.

POITRA graphic artists designed large display boards for each simulation which were printed and mounted to panels for public presentation. The displays included maps that identified each simulations' photo viewpoint. POITRA also provided a complete interactive presentation that included the simulations and even 360 degree views of the facility written to disk for portability.

The photosimulations and presentation materials were used in the Public Service Companies outreach process and in applications with local administrators. end of article

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