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Austin PRT at 1st Street Pedestrian Bridge Photosimulations

Austin Citizens for PRT, Austin, Texas.

The Austin Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit (ACPRT) is a private group dedicated to promoting the use of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) technology within the city of Austin, Texas.

POITRA was asked to prepare a series of visual simulations depicting PRT technology at various sites in Austin. Photo-simulation was the obvious medium for accurate and convincing presentations.

Modelers at POITRA Visual created a custom PRT vehicle for use in the simulations. The vehicle was based upon several theoretical designs for PRT type vehicles but includes special perameters as requested by the ACPRT. POITRA also modeled modular trackways and columns that could be easily sized for use in the many different situations called for in the simulations.

POITRA created a fictional PRT vehicle and applied an Austin paint scheme to the model.

POITRA often creates custom transit vehicles at no cost to the project.

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual


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Mouse-over images above to toggle between the existing photo and the photosimulation.

The simulation at the 1st Street pedestrian bridge was intended to give the general public a feeling for the scale of PRT vehicles and guideway elements. The ease of adding the reletively light infrastructure associated with PRT systems is also readily apparant.

left quotation markAs always POITRA modelers are thrilled to create new vehicle models and the PRT vehicle for this project was no exception.”

M.P., POITRA Visual
Visual Simulations Project Manager

The base photograph required little preparation and consisted of adjusting shadows. POITRA artists performed this work using traditional digital painting techniques.

POITRA modelers the assembled the PRT components and vehicles to run beside the 1st Street pedestrian structure. The model was camera match. lighted, rendered and composited with the base photograph to complete the final photosimulations.

The finished simulations were used in promotional campaigns by ACPRT including use on their website. POITRA also contributed other graphics for the groups website. end of article


Take a Closer Look! Web graphics were created from the POITRA PRT model. (click to magnify)