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Arcadia Frac Sand Transload Facility Photosimulations

Canadian National Railroad, Arcadia, Wisconsin

A private landowner saw a shortage of transload facilities needed to serve the frac sand mining operations in his area and made plans to construct one on his own site. The site had frontage on the Canadian National Railroad (CN). The landowner's neighbors wanted to see the visual impact of his Engineer's design from the nearby Highway 93 thoroughfare and the local township required it. POITRA was selected to create a photosimulation of proposed facility to meet this need.

An Engineer provided photograph was used as the simulation base photograph. This photograph required very little modification due to the layout and placement of the site on existing ground.

Take a closer look! The entire facility was created using POITRA custom and library 3D Models (click to magnify).

Photo-realistic photo simulation and design visualization services by POITRA Visual

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POITRA created a 3D model consisting of the transload tower that included unloading by truck and loading onto rail, sand storage silos, rail car storage tracks and new trackage to connect the facility to the CN Mainline.

POITRA then added its own 3D model covered hopper cars and a locomotive specific to the host Canadian National Railroad. Even 3D model trucks and trailers were used inside the loading bays of the model tower. Modelers at POITRA have created a large library of model transportation related equipment and vehicles that includes freight rail locmotives and railroad rolling stock in the liveries of the major railroads just for this purpose.

POITRA Visual has had plenty of experience working with freight rail facilities and its principals have actual railroad bridge design experience. The simulation process is always much more efficient when the artists are familiar with the industry.

The completed facility model was camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the photograph to produce the final transload facility simulation.

The finished simulations were used in the submittals to local township officials for permitting. POITRA provided several sizes of display graphics and delivered the finished print files directly to a local print shop of the Engineer's choice.end of article

Take a closer look! POITRA created a displays suitable for printing at poster and handout sizes (click to magnify).

POITRA professional graphic artists can help any project by creating stunning settings for any of your project information. Presentation can be a big part the approval effort and it helps to have artists who understand your process!

POITRA offers graphic design for display boards, handouts, newsletters, digital presentations, interactive media and even has an extremely accomplished web design team.

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