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Desmond Bridge Redesign Proposal Photosimulations

Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles, California

POITRA Visual provided photo-realistic simulations of multiple bridge design concepts for the Jacobs Sverdrup Team proposal to Caltrans and the Port Authority of the Port of Long Beach. These photosimulations demonstrated the Team's ability to provide design visualization of bridge design concepts during the public involvement process for the Desmond Bridge redesign.

Construction staging for the new high clearance Desmond Bridge called for the replacement structure to be built beside the original structure. This would allow traffic flow to continue during construction and to be quickly switched once the new bridge was completed. The existing bridge could then be demolished.

Photograph of Existing Conditions
Photo Simulation of Bridge Removed

Areas of the port and yard that were obscured by the original bridge had to be restored by the artists at POITRA.

Photo Simulations of Proposed signature bridges.


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Mouse-over the thumbnails above to toggle between the photosimulations.

With the removal of the old bridge, additional areas of the port and yard beyond would be exposed and different areas would be visible beyond each of the proposed alternate structure designs. To illustrate these alternatives the artists at POITRA Visual removed the original structure from the existing photo entirely to create a new base photo ready to receive the proposed designs.

POITRA Visual's 3D modelers used the engineer's concept design plans to create 3D models of each of the structure alternatives, which were then camera matched, lighted, rendered and composited with the new base photograph. The bridge design backgrounds of the POITRA Visual principals greatly expidited this process.

The final Desmond Bridge photosimulations, depicting five structure type alternatives, were used to support the powerpoint presentation made by the proposal team. article end


POITRA Visual created draft 3D Model drive-through and fly-over animations for pre-visualization (click to view).