* As part of the public process POITRA created and maintained the public information websites for each of the seven early action projects and the South I-25 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). All these sites were graphically coordinated and made accessible from a single menu page. The early action projects continued from design through construction simultaniously with the overall EIS.

South I-25 Corridor Project Websites - previously www.SouthI25.com

South I-25 Corridor Project Websites

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I-25 Sound Barrier at Castle Pines Photosimulations

CDOT, Douglas County, Colorado.

The South I-25 Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) included the South I-25 Corridor and the converging US 85 Corridor. Together they comprise the fastest growing transportation corridor in the Denver Metro area. It carries increasing daily traffic volumes from communities south of Denver to the Denver Technological Center (DTC) and Downtown Denver. The overall EIS conducted for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) addressed future capacity concerns while seven 'early action' projects addressed more immediate safety and congestion issues.

POITRA Visual was selected to provided public outreach support for the EIS and the early action projects which included a comprehensive website, public meeting materials and newsletters, as well as design visualization.*

South I-25 EIS Graphic Design by POITRA Visual
South I-25 EIS Graphic Design by POITRA Visual
South I-25 EIS Graphic Design by POITRA Visual
South I-25 EIS Graphic Design by POITRA Visual

POITRA Visual also created the EIS newsletters giving the entire project a consistant and familiar appearence.

Photo-realistic design visualization and simulation by POITRA Visual


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Two of the early action projects, Phase I and Phase II, added truck climbing lanes along several uphill grades where attempts by commuter traffic to pass slowed trucks resulted in safety hazards.

POITRA provided design visualization for the climbing lanes projects by illustrating the new truck lanes and the alternatives for the required sound barrier designs. Photo-simulation was the medium chosen as the best way to communicate design concepts to the public. The past bridge and highway design experience of the POITRA Visual principals made it possible to illustrate a very accurate barriers without deailed plans.

A series of both aerial and ground photo-simulations were created for comprehesive evaluation by agency and public stakeholders. The aerial images revealed the extent of the barriers and the ground images gave a good sense of the visual impact.

The I-25 sound barrier alternatives for this simulation at Castle Pines subdivision included a short earth berm, a short wall on a berm and full height wall at existing grade.

POITRA created the images using traditional digital painting techniques on an engineer provided ground photograph.

In order to help CDOT engineers to evaluate the visual qualities of various sound wall materials POITRA created a visual display depicting each potential wall type being considered. The simulations were also set into project display panels that echoed the familiar project website and other graphics created by POITRA.

POITRA published the resulting series of photo-simulations in public meeting displays, on the project websites and in newsletters. The images were used in the EIS document itself. POITRA continued design and maintenace of the Climbing Lanes Phase I and Climbing Lanes Phase II project websites through completion of construction. end of article

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